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Things you should READ. Empty Things you should READ.

Post  Zombie on Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:48 pm

Basic rules to our forums here.

1. When you join, make sure it's either your nickname, or your username on neopets. Whichever we know you by, preferably.
2. Capitols, please? I'm really irked by lowercase names and I'll change it on you without warning.
3. Make sure you're actually.. Y'know, A MEMBER OF THE A.A.A? If you're not, then why are you here? (Unless, of course, you're a VIP.)
4. Know your council and who to listen to. I'm head honcho, Kristy is second in command, Kiyo and Nhubby are third and all the others fall behind. Listen to them! If you can't memorize them all, here's a hint: council and guild leaders are red or a light shade of blue.
5. Don't PM/neomail me a bunch of times if your name isn't bolded in red, black, blue, purple or green (aka considered a member on a team) or if you're not set to have mod powers (if you're council/sub council). I'M GETTING TO IT, STFU.
6. Icons, please? They help me with remembering who you are.
7. Please post in the 'introduce yourself' forum after you've signed up.
8. Anything I forgot will be added here in due time.

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